Statute of the Union

The Union of Schools´ Associations of the Czech Republic – CZESHA
(further denoted as Union)

The Union is an independent voluntary apolitical body representing schools´ associations of the Czech Republic.

Union´s Objectives:

  • The Union arranges an exchange of information between schools.-    The Union gives advices or recommendations to the Czech Republic’s government.
  • The Union actively supports the development of educational system and schools curricula.
  • The Union cooperates with employers in education and with employers’ associations.
  • The Union struggles to enforce the interests of all members  and cooperates with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports , the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Czech School Inspectorate and other educational institutions, particularly in the following areas:
    • School fund- raising
    • Teachers training
    • Educational policy and a long- term development in education
    • The role of schools as employers
    • International cooperation
    • Participation in educational projects

Members of the Union:

  • Association of  Business Academies of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
  • Association of educational facilities for the development of rural area
  • Association of Headmasters of Primary Schools of the Czech Republic
  • Association of Secondary Technical and Vocational Schools of the Czech Republic
  • Association of Headmasters of Church Schools
  • Association of Nursing School Headmasters
  • Association of Secondary  Pedagogical Schools
  • Preschool Education Association
  • The Association of Private Schools of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
  • Association of Power System and Electrotechnical Education
  • Association of Schools for Apprenticeship
  • Association of Primary Schools for Artists of the Czech Republic
  • Association of Secondary Schools and Art Schools
  • The Association of Residence Halls and Dormitories of The Czech Republic
  • Association of Headmasters of Hotel Colleges
  • Association of Workers of Children and Youth

Each association in the Union is represented by its president or vice president who is usually headmaster of schools or schools´ institutions.  According to Czech legislation each headmaster should be a qualified teacher and perform regular teaching duties.

The Union represents the interests of its members from different areas of education system with exception of higher education institutions which are not incorporated.